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About us

WAJNERT MEBLE (FURNITURE) Firm is a thriving company, specialized in the manufacture of lounge and system furniture. Over 30 years' experience combined with modern technology and design, corresponding to current trends, allows the firm to remain at the forefront of Polish furniture manufacturers.

While manufacturing furniture, WAJNERT MEBLE devotes much attention to the quality of the materials used, including leather from the finest Italian tanneries, textiles, coming from reputable Spanish, Italian and Turkish producers, high-quality laminated boards and furniture accessories.

The optimum furniture matching the needs of future users makes up a timeless challenge for WAJNERT MEBLE's designers. In addition to the attractive appearance, our furniture must fulfil quite a number of functions, which are dictated by the dynamically changing lifestyles of customers. Thus, inter alia, there are more and more modular collections in the Company's offer. They are intended to shape creatively the space.

Designing is one of the main criteria, determining the choice of furniture, which is why every year, WAJNERT MEBLE prepares a new offer, taking into account the latest trends in interior styling and the customers' taste. The models introduced are varied, inter alia, in terms of colours, textures and shapes.

For many years, the customers have favoured WAJNERT MEBLE, owing to the stylistic and functional diversity of its products offered. A wide choice of lounge and system furniture allows to decorate harmoniously nearly the whole house, from the hallway to the living room, dining room, bedroom, and children's room.

The Company's history, dating back to 1985, ensures that the products under the brand name of WAJNERT MEBLE, launched on the domestic and foreign markets, have been designed and made by a qualified team of experienced professionals.

A strong emphasis is put on the manufacturing of furniture, so as to ensure that technologies and materials applied are safe for people and the environment. This is proved, among others, by the FSC Certificate granted to WAJNERT MEBLE Firm.