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Legal note

The term Website is understood to be the organised IT and information platform connected to the Internet network under the address of, created by the Company of WAJNERT MEBLE sand which constitutes its property.
The term User is understood to stand for the every person who in any manner takes advantage of the Website.

The website of is of an information and guide type of character. The aim of the website is amongst others to present the current company offer as well as to enable contact with the company.Access as well as taking advantage of the internet website which is owned by the Company of WAJNERT MEBLE is subject to be regulated by the below conditions and restrictions as well as to all of the applicable provisions. By the fact of initiation of the connection with and browsing through the website, the User accepts all of the Conditions and Restrictions without any conditions nor reservations.
1. Authorship property rightsThe Website as well as all of the materials located therein, including pictures and texts are protected with the provisions of the law, especially with the provisions of the Act on Authorship Property and similar laws dated 4th February 1994 (unified test, Journal of Laws Dz. U.00.80.904 with later amendments) as well as the Act dated 16th April 1993 on combating unfair competition (Journal of Acts Dz.U.93.47.211 with later amendments) and constitute the sole property of the company of WAJNERT MEBLE. Any copying, reproducing, publishing, Internet based exploitation, sending, transmission, making available and/or modification of pictures in a manner not compliant with the principles described within the legal note are strictly forbidden. Any cases of application, exploitation or taking advantage of any information contained within the website is only possible based upon the written permission issued by the company of WAJNERT MEBLE
2. Restrictions and reservationsAll and none of the information presented upon the website constitute a commercial offer in the understanding of the Civil Code. All of the information as well as the properties of the offered products shall be determined directly within the agreement regulating the issue of the sales of furniture. The manufacturer reserves the right to introduce changes within the colour, pattern design, dimensions and functions of the presented products. The exact information with regard the colours of furniture shall be granted directly by furniture shop employees. There exists a possibility for the purchase of the whole set presented upon the picture or of only some of its elements. Some of the fabrics presented upon the pictures are no longer manufactured. All of the colours visible within the Website may be different from the real colours considering the limitations, which stem from the technology of photography or other individual monitor settings.The Company of WAJNERT MEBLE does not bear any responsibility for the content of foreign information and notifications located upon pages of the Website. The website of may contain links or external links to other websites, to which the hereinafter provisions do not apply, including the provisions of the confidentiality policy. The User takes advantage of the aforementioned links or the external links with the responsibility of such activities to be borne by the User.
3. Personal Information
Any correspondence sent via the Website is sent as unordered correspondence. The Company of WAJNERT MEBLE does not have any responsibility answer such correspondence. All of the users are obliged not to provide nor communicate any illegal messages or illegal content via the Website.
The Company of WAJNERT MEBLE informs that any information sent with the application of the Website are not treated as confidential information, the provisions that especially applies to information sent via personal application forms. The Company of WAJNERT MEBLE reserves the right to collect, take advantage, store, process, duplicate and distribute such information in a manner accordant with the provisions of the personal data protection act dated 29th August 1997. The user may at any time alter or withdraw his/her personal information from the database.
The Company of WAJNERT MEBLE takes advantage of the Cookie file technology, internet marker as well as signalling marker and standard network server journal file technology applied in the process of counting of persons visiting the Website for the needs of fulfilment of the statistical reasons connected to the server. The aforementioned files provide anonymous data with regard to what sites were visited, what type of data was downloaded, as well as data with regard the name of the domain, service provider or country of origin of the person visiting the website. The User may set the browser in such manner so that it warns him, whenever a cookie file is sent to be installed upon his computer, or so that it blocks the possibility for sending or submission of such files, whereas in choosing of the latter option, may cause for some options of the Website to be inoperative.

The process of exploitation of the Website of is free from any charge. The Company of WAJNERT MEBLE does not bear any responsibility for any improper functioning of the Website, from the technical point of view, nor for any stoppages or disruptions within the availability of the Website. Under no circumstances the Company of WAJNERT MEBLE bears any responsibility for any direct or indirect damage, which stems from the fact of the exploitation and/or usage of the Website of nor from the fact of the exploitation or application of any facts and/or provisions contained therein.